Common causes of back pain

image of lumbar spine with redness
In order to get back pain you have to strain it in some way. In order to strain your back:

  • the force of the injury needs to be greater than what the body can handle,
  • a muscle or joint in the area of the injury was abnormally tight, or
  • muscle weakness or skeletal asymmetry reduced stability.

In most cases it is the joints of the spinal column (the facet joints) that tighten over time with daily activities and they are easy to strain as this is where the movement takes place in the body. It is a lot harder to strain muscles as they are a lot more flexible and dynamic than joints and can ‘give’ to a fair degree. Joints however can only go so far before they are strained beyond their physiological limit. Once strained they become inflamed and sore. This inflammation then causes adhesions to form around the joints resulting in more joint restriction. They then become more susceptible to being strained again. This then causes repeated exacerbations of the original injury and the pain that was intermittent starts to become more continuous.

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