Man sitting at a computer

Sitting causes lower back pain.

Sitting down is one of the most common causes of lower back pain, for the simple reason that it is difficult to sit with a neutrally positioned spine.

When sitting down the lumbar curve straightens and can even reverse.  

lady with a headache

Chronic headaches

I have recently treated two women who have suffered from headaches for as long as they could remember. Learn how chiropractic has helped them.

Baby crying

3 month old baby girl with a torticollis

On 24 May 2011 a three month old baby girl was brought into this clinic because she was unable turn her head to the right side at all. After five treatments she was back to normal.

Lady running near the ocean

It hurts to run.

A 38 year old woman presented to this clinic in July 2010 complaining of lower back pain and right hip pain. The pain was keeping her from her passion: running.

Pregnant woman with a sore back

Pregnancy and Chiropractic.

One of the most common symptoms that women suffer during pregnancy is back pain. So much so, that if you mention that you are suffering lower back pain during pregnancy to a doctor or an obstetrician they will reassure you that it is a normal symptom of pregnancy. However back pain is not normal. Pain is a sign that something is inflamed and with appropriate treatment your pregnancy can be wonderfully free of lower back pain.

Man blocking his ears and squinting


A 54 year old man presented to this clinic in October 2010 complaining of a high pitched ringing sound in his ears. His GP could not find any medical reason for the tinnitus.

Cartoon of a person with dizziness


Dizziness, or vertigo, is a very debilitating symptom to suffer from. Many people with pain can simply put up with it and get on with their day however the feeling of dizziness can stop you dead in your tracks.  It is not easily ignored and many people are left to suffer with it for many years. Many patients with vertigo respond very well to chiropractic care and are grateful for being able to live without this debilitating condition.

Cartoon of a car rear ending another car

Neck spur and MVA

A 55 year old woman suffered from neck pain, severe headaches, right shoulder pain, tingling and numbness in her fingers following a car accident. She was told she needed surgery.

Man holding his sore shoulder

Shoulder Injuries

Chiropractors successfully treat many shoulder conditions including posterior rotator cuff tendonitis, supraspinatus tendonitis, biceps tendonitis, subacromial bursitis, levator scapular strain, frozen shoulder and AC joint strain.

xray image of a compression fracture of a thoracic vertebra


There are a number of ways of using chiropractic techniques that do not involve high force and hence are safe to use on patients with osteoporosis. This post contains 10 tips to use for preventing osteoporosis.

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